RVR carries out all your electrical work with certified personal.


Each electrical installation must comply with the electrical standard NF C 15-100. The standard defines all obligations with regard to the determination of sockets, the regulation of current strengths, the minimum number of sockets allowed per room or the installation of lighting circuits. In case your property is new and needs to be checked, you can also contact us.

The complete installation must be validated by the Consuel. The standard, as defined, takes into account the safety and health of the residents, it also ensures that a house functions optimally.

Since 2012 another standard has become essential with regard to safety and at the same time ecological care: the standard RT 2012. New houses are obliged to meet certain criteria also with regard to air quality. We also go with this and can help you.

Obtaining the certificate is necessary if:

  • the electrical installation is new: for example in the case of a new house or a building that was previously not connected to electricity (garage, shed, workshop, porch, etc.);

  • the electrical installation has been changed: for example in the case of a power change or a repair of the wiring;

  • the electrical installation is complete: the original installation has not been changed, but additional connections have been made (eg wiring of a new room).

But of course we would like to install that extra connection in that rear room for you, or that light in the attic or in the grange.